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Visual Basic Script

To create Planes in ShapeFactory class, there are many methods.

To create a new plane offset of another plane, we use AddNewPlaneOffset;

AddNewPlaneOffset(Plane as Reference, Offset as Double, Orientation As Boolean) As HybridShapePlaneOffset

For Parallel through point,

AddNewPlaneOffsetPt(Plane as Reference, Point as Reference) As HybridShapePlaneOffsetPt

For Angle/Normal to plane,

AddNewPlaneAngle(Plane as Reference, Axis as Reference, Angle as double, Orientation As Boolean) As HybridShapePlaneAngle

For Through three points,

AddNewPlane3Points(Point1 as Reference, Point2 as Reference, Point3 as Reference) As HybridShapePlane3Points

For Through two lines,

AddNewPlane2Lines(Line1 as Reference, Line2 as Reference) As HybridShapePlane2Lines

For Through point and line,

AddNewPlane1Line1Pt(Line as Reference, Point as Reference) As HybridShapePlane1Line1Pt

For Normal to curve,

AddNewPlaneNormal(Curve as Reference, Point as Reference) As HybridShapePlaneNormal

For Equation (Ax+By+Cz=D),

AddNewPlaneEquation(A as double, B as double, C as double, D as double) As HybridShapePlaneEquation

For Mean trhough points,

AddNewPlaneMean(PointsArray As Variant, NbPoint As Long) As HybridShapePlaneMean

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